Water Credits

Water credits through RAINWATER HARVESTING and water audits / verification.

The water registry aims to introduce better waternomics with the next-generation model of mining voluntary rain water offsets/credits from a wide range of green projects that is far more efficient, faster, cheaper, de-centralized in transfer and convenient for every small green project involved in rainwater or unutilized water capture and/or groundwater recharge.

The objective of the voluntary water offset program is supported by the Rainwater Standard that aims to drive water harvesting, recharge and conservation efforts, which we define as: the actions taken for capturing/recycling/reusing unutilized sources of water that is socially and culturally equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial, achieved through site and catchment based actions independent of water quality parameters.

In a new and path breaking initiative, the water registry has designed the RoU eligibility criteria to reward sustainable groundwater and water conservation development, with rules that are standardized and facilitates ESG/Net Zero finance/capital flows in the traditional as well as emerging smart contract conversion (RoU Token) tokenomics post issuance of the water credits or offsets on the registry.

In general, the water registry requires that projects are real, verifiable and must be currently operational. The water registry rules allow projects from domestic and developing nations. All these water conservation and recharge activities have prescriptive eligibility, evaluation and verification requirements as set out in their approved positive project list protocol requirements outlined in their registry Rainwater Offset Standard.

SQAC works closely with Organizations as well as Individuals to provide third-party verification to facilitate the sale or trade of water credits in the water market. SQAC has been approved as a globally recognized and authorized auditor / third party verifier by the UCR Registry for conducting such third-party verification of water credits.

The SQAC verification team has Certified Auditors, professionally qualified personnel having experience in the renewable energy, Biogas, CDM, rainwater harvesting, etc., for facilitating such water audits using their ample rich experience in these areas.

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