We protect your privacy at all times. We do not sell or share any of your private information with anyone or any organisation. Privacy is given utmost importance at SQAC Certifcation Pvt Ltd. (SQAC). SQAC is committed in respecting the privacy of all its online visitors and participants. When you enter your information on the website, you provide us with your permission to use the same to send emails / contact you about our offerings and occasionally may also inform regarding future programs or similar offerings. Your name and location would also be required for processing your certificate.

Our website may contain links like payment gateway that may let you leave our website and access other websites. Linked websites are not under the control of SQAC and may have different privacy policies. We do not accept responsibility or liability of others website’s and urge you to use care if you enter personal information on these sites.

In case of Lead Auditor courses, your certificate details will be available on our website but that is limited to only your name and the course details. This would enable other interested parties to verify the authenticity of your certificate, if you provide your certificate number to them.