Carbon Credits

Carbon credits and carbon audits / verification.

Carbon credits are measurable, verifiable emission reductions from certified projects that reduce, remove or avoid greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Additionally they also empower communities, restore forests, protect ecosystems or reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Organizations as well as Individuals across the world are recognizing the importance of reducing their GHG emissions. Hence they try to reduce their carbon footprints through energy efficiency and other measures. But very often it is not possible for them to meet their targets or eliminate their carbon footprint, with internal reductions alone, and they need a flexible mechanism to achieve these aspirational goals. This is where carbon markets gain importance.

Through carbon markets, Organizations as well as Individuals can neutralize or offset their emissions by investing in emissions avoidance / reductions / in projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere. They can also pay other companies who have excess carbon allowance in their carbon budget.

Carbon credits are typically priced and calculated in terms of how many dollars it costs to reduce the amount of carbon (or other greenhouse gases) in the environment by a tonne. Every tonne of emissions reduced by an environmental project creates one carbon offset or carbon credit.

Verified emission reductions (VERs) also known as carbon offsets, carbon credits, or carbon offset credits are essentially emission reductions from an offset project that’s independently audited against a third-party verification standard.

SQAC works closely with Organizations as well as Individuals to provide third-party verification to facilitate the sale or trade of carbon credits in the carbon market. SQAC has been approved as a globally recognized and authorized auditor / third party verifier by the UCR Registry for conducting such third-party verification of carbon credits.

The SQAC verification team has Certified Energy Auditors, professionally qualified personnel having experience in the renewable energy, Biogas, CDM, etc., for facilitating such carbon audits using their ample rich experience in these areas.

Feel free to contact us to know how you can generate / mine carbon credits from any carbon / GHG reduction(Green) projects owned by you!