For those clients who specifically needs IAF accredited certifications, SQAC also has a professional tie up with ASTRAIA Certification India Pvt. Ltd. who has been granted exclusive rights for IAF approved certifications in India, Malaysia, Singapore and UAE by the parent ASTRAIA Certification s.r.o, Slovakia.

ASTRAIA® Certification is an independent professional organization, which is mainly focused on

Certification of Management Systems, particularly:

ASTRAIA® Certification is accredited by SNAS, an IAF member Accreditation Body and is one of the premium certification bodies in Europe.

ASTRAIA India Certification Pvt. Ltd.has been granted the exclusive rights of certifying organisations in India, Malaysia, Singapore & UAE through ASTRAIA Certification s.r.o.

ASTRAIA Certification s.r.o has been designed with the aim to provide high-quality services to the prospective customers interested in the management systems certification. The added value of these services is the identification of opportunities for improving and increasing of the business efficiency and not emphasizing only on the documentation level.

Through certification, we confirm to our clients that they guarantee quality for their business partners, are reliable and do not pose a risk. Our expertise and impartiality is confirmed by accreditation through the Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS) which is an approved member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF).